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The frost bitten air wisped through the pine trees. The forest of green was coated in a chilly white blanket. The ground was of sand and frozen moss,but felt like rocks. The sun seemed to hide,as if in fear. Wanting to be free'd of its obligation. Whilist among the grey sky,filled with clouds. Not even a moment of warmth seeped through.
No sounds could be heard. Not a bird chirping, or a mountain cat trudging through the snow. It was as if the world was on a stand still,holding its breath. Waiting with a eerie readiness.

                                  *   *    *  *

I moaned aloud as the pain shot through me. My fingers and toes were almost a bluish color from the cold. My long black hair,which looked at what would be equal to my lower back,was a rats nest apon my head. What might have been clothes were now tattered scraps apon my self. All being left was a shredded peasant  top,and what were possibly pants now shorts. Not any shoes either. I was a pitiful mess. But who am I? This was the only thought in my blank head. It mystified me,how could one simply not remember who they were? I seemed older too,about the height of 5'5" . My body obviously done growing as my chest and backside were filled out finely.
Where am I? A second thought popped.
As if my own body were working out old kinks, oiling the rusted parts of my being. Since it seemed my mind was slowly registering everything,and revaluating my own works. I was like a old beat up car,cold and slow from miss use. But as I heat up and run longer I become better,and my basic functions kick in.

Looking around I took in a observation. Snow was everywhere and it was freezing. Other than the white stuff,their were trees. Pine trees by the looks of it. I was obviously in a forest during the winter. On a downward slope too,seeing as its very plausible ive slipped down. Not so far in the distance were snow capped mountains too. But no matter how far I looked,their were no towns.
Hello? I called out. A echo answered, leaving me with a sense that this has happened before. Finally I wrapped my arms around me and trudged through the snow. To were I had no clue. All I knew was I had to get out of the wild. I could not freeze to death, and although I did not know the way to any villages, I had a strange pull to the west. I wasn't sure if I would find help there,or if I would be attacked. Seeing as i don't what day it is,or time,or even where in general.
Ive been walking for 0 hours, 35 minutes, and 27 seconds. Ive lost feeling in my face,hands,and feet.
I said mentally to myself, as this was the only thing keeping my mind off the cold. My throat burned, the white clouds puffing from my mouth swarmed with each breath. It seemed to linger like a ghost. Showing me just how hopeless i really was. It made my eyes sting,and me feel even more fatigued. It was agonizing, this walk through the winter storms of today. This was one of many struggles for my life. I had been sure that this was the right way,but I was not so much anymore. "Ive gone to far to turn back", I mumbled to myself. Just then I heard a loud barking. Looking ahead I could barely see a small house,behind it were many others. They were all cabins,made of great logs of wood. I coudnt help but yip in joy and run as fast as my frozen legs could bring me.
When I reached center town I looked till I found a place called "black wood inn". Here I knew I could find shelter. What I was not expecting was a full of life bar, exploding with wild men,to stop short when they sawd me. Their slack jawed expression bewildering me. Any beer not of a sturdy table was dropped to the ground. I would imagine I looked horrible,but that bad?

"Are you okay miss?" One of the older men asked me. I turned to him, this time I being the one confused. Where am I? I asked plainly,my voice a jumble of nerves. The man seemed taken aback by the question. "You were one of the towns children...Where have you been? Do you know where the others are?" He sputtered out questions like a dying vehicle, none of which I had the answer to. When he finished all I did was shake my head in a 'I don't know' manner . This seemed to make everyone dissapointed.
With a sigh I turned to leave,just to be stopped with a gasp. I turned just in time to see a short and plump women come barreling through the crowd. Her target;me. "My baby!" The lady screamed as she tackled me to the ground. I lay their head spinning while she sobbed on my chest. When she finally calmed she made a great deal of wiping her face all over the last bit of scrappy clothes I had. Now standing up,her eyes sparkling as she did the same too,I saw how shirt she really was. Barely 4"10 she was,which would have been funny if not for the oh so serious situation.
"Come dearie we have much to say and talk about." She reached for my hand but jumped back at the cold feel of it. That's when she seemed to finally take in my appearance. She gasped,turned away,and crumpled to the floor in a sobbing mess.

After the whole fiasco, I was taken to a room, andGiven a long hot bath.Dressed in some very tight black dress,the top being a corset, and skirt ruffled in layers. It was constricting,made my chest pop out in a large way,but beautiful. Next I had a very large meal and was practically drowned in drinks. Then finally came the questioning.
"So your saying you can't remember anything?" The plump women whimpered, who's name I found out later was gredda. I nodded with a sigh,rubbing my temples in annoyance. She took that as a sign to hurry,thank goodness. "Ill fill you on as much as I can. Our village ,black wood, had a small orphanage. Seeing as many people are killed now a days from outlaws,pirates, robbers and more. We could not leave children to fend for themselves, hm? But one day ten years ago their was a strange tune. Like a flute, it was beautiful. All the children awoke from it,and ventured out to find the cause. It was like they were in a daze." She paused to wipe her running nose then tried to take my hand,I shied away. "We never found them, till a month later. Out in the fields 19 of the 22 children were found dead,hung by the apple tree's." What happened to the 3 other children...? The lady looked at me sadly,then sobbed into her hands. "Two are still missing,but the you."
And in a flash my world is turned on its axis. The only thing left is a new lone thought in my head. My name is Gemma knight.
Special surprise :) I made it early
I'm still working on making it longer,but my phones killing me,comment ur feelings :)
I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed with this. I think it's a pefect length, so don't worry about the chapters being too short in the future. To be honest,the story was a bit slow at first, but as I continued, it lured me in, and I was completely hooked by the time I finished. Excellent work, the story grabs my attention with lovely descriptions of environment and scenes, and the dialogue is believable. You kept a clean concept -that of a confused girl- consistent throughout the story. Good character creation, I could really begin to connect with her. Great job!
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Phantom-of-Malice Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
w-wow. This is so suspenseful!!! I'm eagerly eager to read more of it! Should've known you'd leave me hanging, lol. I love this, sounds really good, and perfect length!
Phantom-of-Despair Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Thank you phantom! Haha the second chapter is double the length and adds more mysteries,I'm still pulling loose ends together for the beggining but I'm glad it meets standards!
Phantom-of-Malice Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome sis :icondannyloveitplz::iconphantom-of-despair: Great, and it absolutely meets standards! It flies right past them!
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